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<columns> **Monitoring** * [[public:top|Useful *top utilities, for real-time monitoring]] * [[public:nagios_toaster|How to quickly setup a fully functional, yet fancy, Nagios]] * [[public:windows_monitoring|Monitoring Windows using Unix tools]] **Command line** * [[public:mysql|MySQL Hints]] * [[public:bash_tips|Bash H
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tar.gz cp agendav- agendav- cd agendav- mysql ... ps://sub.domain.tld/.well-known/caldav'; $config['public_caldav_url'] = 'https://sub.domain.tld/dav/ | | Licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or | | any later ve
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we assume we have two FreeBSD hosts, **A** using public IP and internal virtual net for jails, and **B** using public IP and internal net for jails... ple of unencrypted traffic (ping) from B to A, on public IPs <code> 23:24:42.762845 IP >
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distant_private_ip_adress adress server using the public longname.domain.tld host. Of course [[http://netc...|netcat]] must be installed on the public server. ====== Tunnels ====== We can map distan
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he standard output. */ class HelloWorldApp { public static void main(String[] args) { System.
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r a basic OpenVPN setup, you should have a look [[public:openvpn|here]]. ==== Limitations ==== The proxy
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[|GNU General Public License]] Version 2. If you use DokuWiki in your
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some links you may find of some interest: {{page>public:start}} If you are authentified (which I doubt),