Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus One

Here is some notes on installing ICS on the Nexus One.

Flash ROM

Camera Fix

kushdeck as released a separate ZIP which fix the camera app bugs, just flash it from recovery.

Sleep of Death bug

If the phone does not wake from standby, you'll have to backup your sdcard, format it, and re-import your data.

USB mount

Install USB Mass Storage for Ice Cream Sandwich from

Storing apps on sdcard

This assumes you have a ext3/4 partition on your SD card.

Open a terminal and type:

$ su
# a2sd check

(phone will reboot)

$ su
# a2sd install

Keyboard is only available in Chinese and English. For folks like me wo want to have at least a localized (i.e. not qwerty) keyboard, install Hacker's keyboard and your favorite language dictionary.