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vimbashfactory @public
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to quickly create fully functional shell scripts using VIM ====== * Download the [[
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GSpace]] : use your Gmail account to store files, using a FTP-like interface. * [[https://addons.mozill... llows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript (see below for the scrip... /firefox/addon/4125|It's All Text!]] : Edit forms using your favorite editor. here is [[http://wiki.gcu.i... : allows to check multiple check-boxes at a time, using shift+left click * [[http://userscripts-mirror.
public @public
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* [[public:windows_monitoring|Monitoring Windows using Unix tools]] **Command line** * [[public:mysql|... to quickly create fully functional shell scripts using VIM]] * [[public:wipeliveserver|Wipe/shred/nuke... :groupware_toaster|Lightweight groupware solution using nginx+php-fpm+mysql+baïkal+roundcube+agendav]] ... t on FreeBSD]] * [[public:gemini_toaster|Installing vger on FreeBSD, using inetd and nginx]] </columns>
top @public
1 Hits, Last modified:|MySQL real-time monitoring]]. access MySQL using the "mysqltop" user with no password by default,
syntax @wiki
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==== Internal ==== Internal links are created by using square brackets. You can either just give a [[pag... ame|link text]]. Internal links are created by using square brackets. You can either just give a [[p... not allowed. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by using a colon in the pagename. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by using a colon in the pagename. For details about names
groupware_toaster @public
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====== Lightweight groupware solution using nginx+php-fpm+mysql+baïkal+roundcube+agendav ====== The goal... ng with mobile devices & desktop synchronization using dav* protocols. This obviously needs an already... els['prefs'] = 'Préférences'; ?> </code> * If using classic skin, replace the strange "interrogation ... dar.gif </code> ==== PHP7 ==== <note important>If using php7, you need to patch agendav</note>
welcome @wiki
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t link and create the page. If you need help with using the syntax you can always refer to the [[wiki:syn... rmed on what's going on and to get useful tips in using DokuWiki is subscribing to the [[doku>newsletter]
dokuwiki @wiki
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pgrade]] :!: * [[doku>config|Configuration]] **Using DokuWiki** * [[doku>syntax|Wiki Syntax]] * [
ssh @public
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licaly available IP host to reach a private host, using a single command. For this to work you have to ad... ts to the distant_private_ip_adress adress server using the public longname.domain.tld host. Of course [[... e can map distant ports on localhost local ports, using a bounce host: <code> ssh -L 8080:server_to_forw... 4) proxy server in your favorite browser. ====== Using a local proxy to enable internet access on a remo
ipsec @public
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: Here we assume we have two FreeBSD hosts, **A** using public IP and internal virtual net for jails, and **B** using public IP and internal net fo
vpn_vs_proxies @public
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====== Using a VPN to bypass stupid proxies ====== ===== Introduction ===== In this document, you'll fi
bash_tips @public
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mode ====== Bash can use Emacs or VI shortcuts, using the "set" command. Like all GNU tools, "Emacs" i... ===== History ===== Shortcuts can be customized using /etc/inputrc or ~/.inputrc; here are the lines to
openvpn @public
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server. client # Use the same setting as you are using on # the server. # On most systems, the VPN will ... nge password []: An optional company name []: Using configuration from /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/openssl.