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ly) ;user nobody ;group nobody # Try to preserve some state across restarts. persist-key persist-tun #... f first name].[last name] You will have to enter some information for the user's cerficate. For most of... There are quite a few fields but you can leave some blank For some fields there will be a default value, If you enter '.', the field will be left blank
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gler]] : add a "clear url bar" button, along with some nice shortcuts, similar to [[https://addons.mozil...|Page Speed]] : some optimization help (requires [[https://addons.mozi... gain]] : restore the "View image" button ====== Some Greasemonkey scripts ====== * [[http://userscr
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kuwiki handle mobile devices ====== ===== Install some mobile template ===== Here are some mobile template you can download: * [[
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%{$fg[blue]%}%2~ %{$reset_color%}%# " fi </code> Some notes on this: * Adding the autoload stuff allo
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ernet access on a remote host ====== * install some proxy software (i.e., Squid) * connect to the
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find configuration for both ipv4/ipv6 accesses on some servers I personally use. ===== SSH ===== add t
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== Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus One ===== Here is some notes on installing ICS on the Nexus One. ==== F
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ner]] is a great tool to start with. You can find some good tips on [[
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<code> http-proxy-option AGENT "Series60/3.1" # some user-agent to fool the proxy http-proxy-retry # r
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camera app shut the fuck up]] * [[public:ics4n1|Some notes on installing Android 4.0 (ICS) on the Nexu