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o lowercase automatically, special characters are not allowed. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by usin... tyle from [[nonexisting]] ones. * DokuWiki does not use [[wp>CamelCase]] to automatically create link...|Mozilla Knowledge Base]]. However, there wil... | If you specify a filename that is not a supported media format, then it will be display
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eengrab]] : do a screenshot of the whole webpage (not only the visible part) * [[https://addons.mozil... t for next video (unfortunatly the first one does not seem to work for that) * [[https://cable.ayra.c... <del>hide cards/overlays on youtube videos</del> not working (anymore), use " ification Bypass]]: yeah, I'm old enough and I do not want to login * [[
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on # the server. # On most systems, the VPN will not function # unless you partially or fully disable ... nVPN server. Very useful # on machines which are not permanently connected # to the internet such as l... ======= Troubleshooting ======= If Routing does not work on the client side, you will have to manuall
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. ==== Sleep of Death bug ==== If the phone does not wake from standby, you'll have to backup your sdc... ike me wo want to have at least a localized (i.e. not qwerty) keyboard, install [[
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and debugging is complete padding # options are not to be changed { maximum_length 20; ... and debugging is complete padding # options are not to be changed { maximum_length 20;
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ername@longname.domain.tld" (even if shortname is not defined in the DNS nor in the /etc/hosts file) =... /connections/%r_%h_%p </code> Warning: This will not work with tunneled protocols or forwarded ports (
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(c) Andreas Gohr <>((Please do not contact me for help and support -- use the [[doku... nsider [[doku>donate|donating]] a few bucks ;-). Not sure what this means? See the [[doku>faq:license|
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**WARNING**: This hack does not work anymore, but you can now handle mobile skins in a much proper way
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l stack (I use qmail/postfix/dovecot), which will not be covered there. This document also assume that
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</code> if all values are 0, the query cache is not working. enable it by setting the cache size in
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NConf). http authentification and https, although not mandatory, are strongly recommended. In this doc
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the server needs - obviously - mod_status) Note: Not to be confused with [[
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n sidebars]] to learn more. Please be aware that not all templates support sidebars. ===== Customize