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*A** using public IP and internal virtual net for jails, and **B** using public IP and internal net for jails. We need hosts and jails to... crypto </code> * Install [[|racoon]] <code> # cd /usr/ports/sysutils... static_routes="internalnet2" route_internalnet2="-net" ipv6_ifconfig_gif0="
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ndows needs the TAP-Win32 adapter name # from the Network Connections panel # if you have more than one... tp-proxy [proxy server] [proxy port #] # Wireless networks often produce a lot # of duplicate packets. ... otential attack discussed here: # # # To use this feature, you will... lar range of IPs ;server-bridge <vpn server IP> <netmask> <first IP> <last IP> push "dhcp-option DNS
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===== top ====== the classic [[|top]] util, used for real-time ... list ====== htop ====== [[|top on steroids]]: color display, bar-graph per-... age ====== apache-top ====== [[|apache-top]] is used to pars... Note: Not to be confused with [[|apachetop]], which use apache
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s|images]] (see below) like this: [[|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] [[|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] Please note: The image form... } Resized external image: {{}} Real size: ... Resized external image: {{}} By using left or right
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blic longname.domain.tld host. Of course [[|netcat]] must be installed on the public server. ====== Tunnels ====== We can map distant ports on
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== Munin ====== - Download [[|Munin Node for Windows]
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NConf ===== - Get it from [[|Sourceforge]] - Ext
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ort with a webserver ==== Since [[
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with your Google+ one, and cross-post on the free networks. can also add a gmail notifier in the Google
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f the protocols (that is, imaps or pop3s). ===== netfilter ===== remember that ipv6 needs icmp to work
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r|Wipe/shred/nuke a living server]] <newcolumn> **Networking** * [[public:openvpn|OpenVPN setup & bas