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eedsportal/|Skip Feedsportal]] : because we don't need no ads in RSS feeds * [[https://addons.mozilla.
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ikal </code> ===== Roundcube ===== * First, you need to create a database. Here we created a mysql dat... </code> ===== AgenDAV plugin ===== * First, you need to create a database. Here we created a mysql dat... ==== PHP7 ==== <note important>If using php7, you need to patch agendav</note> * plugins/agen
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ndled by inc/init.php, which is called before. We need to fix it. ==== inc/init.php ==== Add the followi
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with tunneled protocols or forwarded ports (See [[]]).
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stated [[|here]], you need at least MySQL v5.5.x for ipv6 to work.
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.2.2.2 and internal net for jails. We need hosts and jails to communicate together, preferab
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nvpn|here]]. ==== Limitations ==== The proxy we need to bypass only allows web protocols; so we'll set... d ==== Warning: for most of this operations, you need to be [[ mod 4755 /system/bin/openvpn </code> You'll also need the tun driver for your appropriate kernel. I dow... ng through the proxy ==== Here are the lines you need to happen to your client file to use a famous Fre
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if you have more than one. On XP SP2, # you may need to disable the firewall # for the TAP adapter. ;d... tops. resolv-retry infinite # Most clients don't need to bind to # a specific local port number. nobind... howto.html#mitm # # To use this feature, you will need to generate # your server certificates with the n... /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/dh1024.pem ; if you need clients to use a particular range of IPs ;server