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ics4n1 @public
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it, and re-import your data. ==== USB mount ==== Install USB Mass Storage for Ice Cream Sandwich from [[ht... ck </code> (phone will reboot) <code> $ su # a2sd install </code> ==== Keyboard ==== is only avail... at least a localized (i.e. not qwerty) keyboard, install [[
openvpn @public
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====== Installation ====== ===== Install necessary packages ===== * Debian <code> # apt-get install openvpn liblzo1 zip </code> * Gentoo <code> # emerge -av openvpn zip </code> ===== Install easy-rsa for key management ===== <code> # cp -r
groupware_toaster @public
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on “dbhost” and owned by user roundcubemail. * Install roundecube: <code bash> curl -L -O https://github... hosted on "dbhost" and owned by user agendav. * Install AgenDAV plugin: <code bash> cd roundcube/plugins
ipsec @public
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LTERTUNNEL device crypto </code> * Install [[|racoon]] <code> # cd /usr/ports/sysutils/ipsec-tools/ # make install </code> ===== Steps to follow on each host =====
nagios_toaster @public
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ry will be /www/monitor/. ===== Nagios ===== - Install Nagios - Copy Nagios docroot into /www/monitor/... ARGET="main">'); </code> ===== Munin ===== - Install Munin - Change in munin.conf: <code>htmldir /ww
vpn_vs_proxies @public
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roid-rooting-in-1-click-in-progress/|root]]. * Install busybox from [[ oid-external-openvpn/downloads|here]]. Manually install archive's contents: <code> adb push
dokuwiki @wiki
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]] :!: * [[doku>changes|Change Log]] * [[doku>Install|How to install or upgrade]] :!: * [[doku>config|Configuration]] **Using DokuWiki** * [[doku>syntax|W
deinstall_removed_port @public
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111/ openssl111/Makefile cd openssl111 make deinstall </code> Voila! You just have to install openssl now.
dokuwiki_goes_mobile @public
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aking dokuwiki handle mobile devices ====== ===== Install some mobile template ===== Here are some mobile t
fofox @public
1 Hits, Last modified:|MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay]] : disables default delay when installing
ssh @public
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able internet access on a remote host ====== * install some proxy software (i.e., Squid) * connect to
vimbashfactory @public
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ript.php?script_id=1172|VIM template script]] * Install it (:source path_to_vim_script) * Create the fo