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ning the syntax for links and [[#images_and_other_files|images]] (see below) like this: [[http://php.n... ted in link names. The whole [[#images_and_other_files|image]] and [[#links|link]] syntax is supported (... ou can make a horizontal line: ---- ===== Media Files ===== You can include external and internal [[doku>images|images, videos and audio files]] with curly brackets. Optionally you can specify
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ach client should have # # its own cert and key files. # # ... p will the be created in /tmp/ with all necessary files, send it to the user via encrypted channel; if yo
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- Enable/disable plugins by editing C:\Program Files\NSClient++\NSC.ini ====== Munin ====== - Do... de for Windows]] - Enable/disable plugins by editing C:\Program Files\Munin for Windows\munin-node.ini
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n/1593|GSpace]] : use your Gmail account to store files, using a FTP-like interface. * [[https://addons
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n ~ ^(.+\.php)(.*)$ { try_files $fastcgi_script_name =404;
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e directory for each database, and one or several files per table. just add this line to my.cnf: <code>
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t it from [[|Sourceforge]] - Extract it at the same l
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ts/apachetop/|apachetop]], which use apache's log files instead. ====== iftop ====== [[http://www.ex-par
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