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syntax @wiki
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[[|Mozilla Knowledge Base]]. However, there... pattern file]]. There are three exceptions which do not come from that pattern file: multiplication e... e the following syntax: <code> I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> Well, I say we should > Really? >> Yes! >>> Then lets do it! </code> I think we should do it > No we sho
fofox @public
3 Hits, Last modified:|Screengrab]] : do a screenshot of the whole webpage (not only the v... Verification Bypass]]: yeah, I'm old enough and I do not want to login * [[http://userscripts-mirror... ://|SOGo Connector]] : easy way to do [Cal|Card]dav in Thunderbird
mysql @public
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------------+ | File | Position | Binlog_Do_DB | Binlog_Ignore_DB | +---------------+--------... ho 'show databases;' | mysql | grep -v Database`; do echo -n " ---> backing up ${i}..." >> ${LOGFILE
openvpn @public
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d-key-server # script in the easy-rsa folder will do this. ns-cert-type server # If a tls-auth key is... the user via encrypted channel; if you **really** do want to send it over e-mail, you can use [[http:/
backup_your_mailbox_with_gmail @public
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ain/my_email_user/Maildir/ ; ls -1d .* | tail +3` do /usr/local/bin/imapsync ${IMAPSYNCOPTS} -
deinstall_removed_port @public
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create a temporary port. I use jails so I have to do this in basejail: <code> cd /path/to/basejail/us
vimbashfactory @public
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; exit 1 ; fi eval set -- "$TEMP" while true ; do case "$1" in -b|--black-a
dokuwiki @wiki
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15 (c) Andreas Gohr <>((Please do not contact me for help and support -- use the [[
navigation @wiki
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* [[http://mysite/wiki/doku.php?do=index|Site map]]
welcome @wiki
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might want to have a look at the [[this>doku.php?do=admin&page=config|configuration settings]] (be su